Welcome home

Today, I’m making Nelson a cake. I haven’t made a cake for human consumption since, uh…I actually don’t remember. It’s not important. What’s important is I’m making one for Nelson, because today is his two-year adoptiversary. Also, we adopted a third dog. To say this was not in the plan would be an understatement. We didn’t … More Welcome home

Jingle bells, Batman smells, the dogs all ran away

I love Christmas. I feel like this is at odds with my identity as both a black-hearted cynic and a dirty liberal, but I really love it. Christmas lights are my favorite lights. I’m a big fan of giving gifts. I’m split on the music; I’ll listen to any arrangement of “Carol of the Bells” 300 … More Jingle bells, Batman smells, the dogs all ran away

Welcome back

Can you even be mad when someone returns an amazing dog? I mean, you can, obviously. As a rescuer, you’re probably supposed to be mad, because that person signed a contract and said this dog was now part of their family, but they’ve dumped them back on you two weeks before Christmas. It kind of … More Welcome back

An open letter to that millennial Republican

Dear persecuted millennial Republican, I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing from your open letter that you’re not feeling super popular right now. Sounds like people are painting you with a pretty broad brush, and gosh golly, you wish they’d just get to know you. You’re a good person, really, you just have different opinions … More An open letter to that millennial Republican

Muzzles and Montréal

Okay, I think everyone needs to slow their collective roll for a second. Practically the instant the Montréal pit bull ban became an imminent threat, images like these started popping up. Sad dog in a muzzle, I get it. It makes people feel bad. I don’t know if our knee-jerk reaction to muzzles is born … More Muzzles and Montréal

Stupidity bites

If you haven’t heard, Montréal voted in favor of breed-specific legislation this week. This is what it means for people who already own pit bulls, per CBC News. Not mentioned in that particular article but elsewhere: authorities can enter someone’s property without a warrant to apply the bylaw, a dog will be deemed dangerous if it … More Stupidity bites

Be our guest

Sorry, this is not a post about the live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” even though I’m super-dee-duper excited about that. This is a post for the guests, aka anyone who has ever visited a house that wasn’t theirs that had a dog that wasn’t theirs. Guests pop up in training conversations a lot. I don’t have … More Be our guest