I don’t do goodbyes well

I get nostalgic over little things, things I have no reason to feel any kind of way about. Getting rid of a car? Kind of sad about it. Packing up my college suite to go home for holiday break? Vague melancholy. Saying goodbye to a temporary housemate who’s quoting Mulan, probably hoping I won’t embarrass both of us by crying? Crying, for sure. Pretending not to, but definitely doing it. Despite all that practice getting misty-eyed, I’m pretty damn bad at farewells.

Needless to say, after being a reporter for Warsaw’s Country Courier for two years, 11 months and one week, I’m a little attached. I am incredibly grateful to have had this job. To say something has been a learning experience is usually either a meaningless nicety or a backhanded compliment, but I say with absolute sincerity that this job has been an invaluable learning experience. I have learned things about writing, about myself, and especially, about the community I live in. Maybe I didn’t want to learn some of those things, but knowledge is power even if it’s uncomfortable.

I worked with and for lovely, considerate, kind people. I met a vast, vast array of others. Some of them are now my friends. Some of them are Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul. Some of them are recovering heroin addicts. Experiencing other humans is, generally, a pretty cool thing. It’s a thing I certainly wouldn’t have done to that extent on my own.

My first two weeks on the job, I wore heels and slacks. My second week on the job, I was tip-toeing around cat piss and shit and vomit in a hoarder’s house, trying not to breathe while my eyes watered and cats wound around my ankles. I didn’t wear heels very often after that.

I covered murder trials, board of education meetings, county fairs, art shows. I have been to more ribbon-cuttings than I can count, one of which welcomed the business I’ll be joining. I’m sure it’s no surprise that I’m going crazy dog lady full-time, but if you were thinking I post too much dog stuff already, just go ahead and unfriend me now. If you’re here for all the dog stuff, though, then join me in Perrydise (LOL puns).

I’m somewhat tempted to end this with a giant list of well-deserved thank-yous, but since I’ll still live only five minutes from the office, it seems a little overboard. I’m bad with goodbyes, so I’ll just say it’s been fun. I’ve learned a lot. I’m excited for what comes next.


One thought on “I don’t do goodbyes well

  1. Hey, Carly!!!

    Your voice is needed and valued. Don’t second guess yourself. Huge numbers of people identify with you. You teach people about basic decency in an era of selfishness. Your writing empowers people who want tomorrow to be better than today. You are one of maya angelou’s Phenomenal women.


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