An open letter to that millennial Republican

Dear persecuted millennial Republican,

I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing from your open letter that you’re not feeling super popular right now. Sounds like people are painting you with a pretty broad brush, and gosh golly, you wish they’d just get to know you. You’re a good person, really, you just have different opinions and geez, can’t anybody have a reasonable discussion anymore? If everyone could just stay calm and not get so offended, maybe we could work out this issue of whether or not cops can shoot innocent black people indiscriminately. Sound about right?

Yeah? Well, get used to it.

You spent most of that letter talking about how sophisticated and nuanced your beliefs are, and how Donald Trump and his wall don’t represent you. Nice story, kid, but how’d you vote?

If you didn’t vote or you voted third-party, I can let that slide. If you voted for Trump, though, you are Trump.

Don’t you say one fucking word about the Supreme Court and how that’s what this is really about, because you didn’t vote for a Supreme Court justice. You voted for Trump.

Don’t say one word about policies, because Trump doesn’t have any policies. Trump ran on hating women, black people, gay people, Latinos, Muslims. You can sob to the internet all you want about how that doesn’t represent you, but if you voted for it, then yeah, it actually does. You voted with the KKK, and you don’t get special treatment because you’re feeling icky about it now. “Waah, we’re not stereotypes, not everything is black and white or red and blue,” you say, but in the end, either Hillary or Trump was going to be president, and you chose the one that’s going to destroy our country. You had every excuse to not do that, because the more moderate and sensible leaders in your party gave you an example to follow.

If, by some chance, you didn’t actually vote for the one that’s going to destroy our country, then get this: You, a white girl in college, wrote a blog post about how persecuted you feel when minority groups in this country have, are, and will face actual persecution thanks to your party.

It’s getting shared by a lot of other white girls who are like, “OMG, this is so true, I’m not a stereotype.” You, collectively, are crying about not getting a fair shake when other people are literally fearing for their marriages, their jobs, their health, their families and their lives because of your party. White nationalism is running rampant and you have the gall to act like you are mistreated. And oh, I know, you’re gearing up to throw open-mindedness and tolerance in my face because I’m liberal, but I have no tolerance for bullshit. Make no mistake: It is your party that threw our democracy over a precipice, and instead of talking about the religious extremists and bigots who apparently don’t represent you, you want to talk shit about us? Okay. Reports of hate crimes, assaults and racial abuse done in Trump’s name are flying in, and you think we should spend more time talking about life isn’t fair for white people. Students in Pennsylvania are watching their classmates carry Trump signs and chant “white power,” and you call yourself brave for being Republican on a liberal campus. Pride flags are being burned in Rochester, and you have the gall to co-opt the term “coming out of the closet” for your own minuscule discomfort. Are you kidding me?

In your closing, you urged us Democrats to get to know you, because apparently we’re missing out on some really great people. Thanks for the tip, but if all you’ve got is some more white people bitching even when they’ve won, I’ll pass. But I’ll see you in 2020.


A nasty woman



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