Now that’s what I call rescue (part 2)

This may seem counterintuitive, but dog adoptions tend to slow down in the summer. Usually, people are using their time off to go on vacation, not stay at home settling in a new dog. With that in mind, it’s nice for the rescue to have numbers fairly low going into the summer months.

In June, our rescue was in the single digits. We had lots of good plans to spend the summer concentrating on fundraising, then kick it back into high gear come the fall. Silly us.

First came Stevie, a little lab-doxie mix dumped at a park in Greece. Then came owner-surrender Jewel and her litter of seven doxie-beagle puppies. Then came Nalani and her six pitty puppies, who were on the list to be euthanized at a somewhat local shelter. Then came Rambler, the little mutt puppy from my previous post.

Sometimes the hard part of rescue is saying “no” to a dog because you know you don’t have the resources to help them. Sometimes the hard part is saying “yes” to dogs you’re really not sure about. However, puppies are almost always one of the fun parts.

These sweet babies are Caelum (fawn and white, male) and Nova (black and white, female), part of Nalani’s litter that were going to be euthanized. Caelum is my new foster, while Nova will be moving on to her actual foster mother in a day or so. Enjoy.


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