This is how you sound


These are my brothers.

I could pick anyone I know and write this same post, because clearly, anyone can be the victim of a mass shooting in any public place. I picked my brothers because they were both still in school when Sandy Hook happened, and after that, I thought about them — specifically, their safety — a lot. Liam is out of school now, but they both live in Florida, and here I am again, thinking about their safety.

And there you are again, posting another goddamn thing about how guns are not the problem. After Sandy Hook, I marked every single one of you as people who would rather see my brothers die than see anyone question your Second Amendment right. I marked every single one of you as people who would rather see your own family die than pull your head out of the deep, dark hole you have it buried in. And I’m marking you all again.

I don’t care how you’re expressing it, I’m done listening to it. I don’t know how you think you come across, with your little memes about how it’s our “godless society” that’s the problem, or how homemade bombs have also caused massive loss of life, but I can tell you. I don’t know how you think you sound, with your bullshit about “good guys with guns,” or your bullshit how about gun control doesn’t work despite all the evidence to the contrary, or your bullshit about the Constitution, but I can tell you.

You sound like a cog in the NRA machine, with no brain and no empathy and no humanity. You sound like somebody who would sacrifice my brothers on the altar of the Second Amendment. You sound like someone who would pull the trigger yourself if it meant keeping the gun you have in your hand.

Part of me wants to say “maybe I sound harsh,” but do I? I’m genuinely, sincerely asking. Does that even offend you? Some of you know my brothers. Does the suggestion that you would callously disregard their lives actually bother you? Or are you just nodding along, saying yes, you would sacrifice them? Because you think all those kids at Sandy Hook were an acceptable sacrifice. You think all those people in that nightclub were an acceptable sacrifice. I have no reason to think my family means any more to you.

I’m not here to make an argument or have a debate. The facts are there, the evidence is there. It has been presented in ways far more eloquent and powerful than I could present it, by everyone from POTUS to grieving parents, and you don’t care. I’m here to tell you how you sound, and to tell you that I am done listening to you.


One thought on “This is how you sound

  1. Wow–thanks for this honest, visceral reaction. These are words that must be said and heeded, for your brothers and everyone’s loved ones. Thanks for sharing your gift with words at a time we need it.


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