Oh, Canada

You might think this is a weird time for me to be coming at you, given the dumpster fire that is Congress right now. I know, Paul Ryan would rather watch a 76-year-old civil rights leader sit on the floor for hours than pull his head out of his own ass, and I’m going to … More Oh, Canada

Review: “Pit Bull: The battle over an American icon”

This. Book. Honestly, author Bronwen Dickey could’ve titled it “Pit Bull: The battle over America.” I don’t think I’ve ever read something so brilliant and so devastating in all my life. It’s not brilliant because it’s original — most of the themes are present in an untold number of blog posts and articles by rescuers, advocates … More Review: “Pit Bull: The battle over an American icon”

This is how you sound

These are my brothers. I could pick anyone I know and write this same post, because clearly, anyone can be the victim of a mass shooting in any public place. I picked my brothers because they were both still in school when Sandy Hook happened, and after that, I thought about them — specifically, their safety … More This is how you sound